A developer creates a custom controller and custom visualforce page by using the code block below

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Like we passed the "Title" of the page through ViewBag, we can also do the same for meta keywords and description. First, add the following keys to <appSettings> in web.config, 1. 2. <add key="MetaDescription" value="A technical blog where you can learn latest information about different web technologies." />. |Roll-up summary field of type COUNT. A developer creates a custom controller and custom visualforce page by using the code block below public class mycontroller { public string mystring { get { if (mystring ==null) { mystring='a'; } return mystring; } public string getmystring () { return 'getmystring'; } public string getstringmethod () { if (mystring==null) { mystring='b'; } return mystring; } } <apex:page controller="mycontroller"> {!stringmethod}, {!mystring}, {!mystring} </apex:page ... 7009 duplicate "Inline events are not being canceled by using ""return false""" Alien003 3835 invalid Form validator Plugin Alipta 6767 duplicate Using focus() after slideDown() causes element to disappear in IE6 & IE7 Alistair 6790 .css() returning inconsistent values between browsers Alistair Alistair 8929 wontfix Provide auto-trim option for ... |Jul 11, 2018 · Click on the Add button to create a controller and its views. Here we did the Code-First approach in MVC application in an easy way. Output Create Page. Display Page (List of Users) Edit Page ... |Create a Visualforce form which inserts a basic Contact record. Using the Visualforce apex:form component, create a page which will insert a Contact record based on First Name, Last Name and Email. After submitting the form, the user should be redirected to detail page of the new Contact record. Challenge Requirements.To configure extra data sources, add a dataSources block (at the top level, in an environment block, or both, just like the standard DataSource definition) with a custom name. For example, this configuration adds a second DataSource, using MySQL in the development environment and Oracle in production: Select the Viewport, click the Code button at the top left of the Canvas, and then click Create Override. Using the Architect code editor, create code that overrides initComponent when you create a custom configuration named whatever you'd like, perhaps in this case showCombo. Then you can set the custom configuration on the Viewport instance ...As part of our Flexiple tutorial series, in this article we will use two simple HTML pages. The first page will call the second page using a link and in the process using JavaScript, we will restrict the user from getting back to the first page (from the second page) using the Browser back button.|The above file is our decorator for content pages we will be creating in the application. The most important thing about the above example is layout:fragment="content". This is the heart of the decorator page (layout). You can also notice, that header and footer are included using Standard Thymeleaf Layout System.How to create Visualforce page in Salesforce? Visualforce page in Salesforce can be created using developer console, using Visualforce pages and using URL. Visualforce in Salesforce has powerful development tools like syntax highlighting, tag pair matching, auto suggest, smart indenting and auto complete.When you want to call the apex class on the VisualForce page we have to declare in the following format. < Apex : page controller = "class name " > Whenever we call a VisualForce page in which the controller attribute is defined it will first create an object for the apex class which is defined in the controller.Provide tools that help developers build their own custom components with common interaction patterns. Customizable within the bounds of the Material Design specification.|Open the Developer Console and click File | New | Visualforce Page to create a new Visualforce page. Enter AccountDetail for the page name. In the editor, replace any markup with the following. <apex:page standardController="Account"> {! Account.Name } </apex:page> Click Preview to open a preview of your page that you can look at while you make ...|Apr 28, 2016 · All code files, including Apex classes and triggers, and Visualforce pages and components, open in the Source Code Editor in the Developer Console workspace. The syntax highlighting in the Source Code Editor calls out comments, numbers, strings, reserved keywords , primitive data types , variable declarations, and references. |Extension controllers always have a reference to the main controller passed as an argument to their constructor. In this example, the constructor receives an instance of an ApexPages.StandardController object (If the Visualforce page is using a custom controller, it will receive an instance of an ApexPages.CustomControllerName). |Step 1: The Database Tables. In my permission-based security system, I use the following tables: Users - this is your standard user table with username, encrypted password, etc. and a UserID as the primary key. Security Groups - this table stores the names of all the groups (i.e., roles) created by the customer.|Dynamically adding models, repositories, and controllers; Self-hosted REST API Explorer; Serving Static Files; Accessing HTTP Request and Response Objects; Uploading and Downloading Files; Using Express Middleware; Using strong-error-handler; Boot and Mount a LoopBack 3 Application; Integrating with API Connect; Accepting MessagePack over HTTP||Login to your org >> Click on your name in right upper side of the page >> Click on Developer Console. In the file tab, when clicked 'New', you may want to chose whether you want to create a Class, Trigger, Visualforce Page, etc. Thanks! Regards, Ankit Yadav. Reply

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